I've been a personal trainer since 2001 and before that I was a physical training instructor in the Parachute Regiment.  I've trained many clients with lots of different goals from getting in shape for a holiday or wedding, or needing to lower blood pressure & cholesterol or wanting to improve sports performance. 

As a dad of two young children when you tell me you're busy I feel your pain. I train clients one to one, run outdoor boot camps, do some sports massage, pick the kids up from school & nursery, make lunch boxes, write my client programs, boot camp lesson plans, do more dad & boyfriend stuff, and....I'm in my last two years of a part-time masters degree to train as an osteopath! 

From my lifestyle I know that workouts need to be time efficient and get results. This is what I'm all about. I know that you can't train for three hours and I realise that you haven't got a personal chef at home to cook you a la carte meals. I'm all about eating a variety of real food and not relying for short term fixes with fad diets or supplements. 

I specialise in training the average person who divides their time between the school run, running a household and holding down a job. My programs are time efficient, fun and above all get results. You’ll be educated along the way on how to eat best for your lifestyle and to trim your waistline. 

I'm known for the energy and passion I puts into my sessions.

My mission

I want to empower you to move more and eat healthily. Knowledge isn't an issue, it's execution. I will get you to a point where you're enjoying fitness and eating well by creating a unique personal strategy based upon your goals and commitments that will ingrain into your very soul & become habit. 

I’ve been working with Shaun for 6months. My waist has dropped from a 38 to 32inches. My blood pressure is back into the normal zone for the first time in 20years. To say I’m happy is an understatement”
— Dave - the 50 something with a new body