Boot Camp

Want to burn fat in the shortest period of time? Want to train in the great outdoors? Look no further, Bootcamp is for you! We run 60 minute classes across the Colchester area. 

Social, fun & supportive

I believe we have the friendliest Boot Camp in Essex. Our members are the nicest people you'll ever meet who will not only help push you during the sessions but support you during the times when motivation is low, stress is high & you feel like eating the whole biscuit tin. We pride ourselves on our high levels of motivation, support & of course results. 

Our sessions are social and fun. Our philosophy is that if you can workout with a smile then you have more chance of staying on the wagon and creating a real habit. When exercise becomes part of your routine and you're consistent then the results will follow. The sessions are designed to burn the most amount of calories in the shortest period of time so it's ideal for the person who has not got time to be training for hours end. 


One of the biggest fears for new members is not being able to keep up or do the exercises properly. Please do not fear as everyone feels the same to begin with. Every exercise & drill can modified to suit individual abilities. This is why we have a lady who runs 4 marathons per year training right next to another lady who can just about power walk 100m. Your fitness today is the start point & with the right motivation & training you'll completely transform your health & your body.

variety + Motivation = GREAT RESULTS

To keep you interested and your body on its toes (literally) we make sure that no two sessions are the same. This not only keeps you motivated but it actually stops your body getting used to the same old thing and stagnating. If you've ever been a member of the gym you'll relate to this. You get on the x-trainer and push out 30 minutes and perform this for 3 sessions a week. Over the first month you drop a few pounds and you're proud of what you've achieved. So you carry on but the weight loss has plateaued and nothing happens. You become disheartened and give up. All that's happened is that your body adapted to the stimulus and then began to burn fewer calories. With the variety of sessions we prescribe this will never happen. Expect to be boxing one day, swinging kettlebells the next & performing shuttles & partner drills the next. Boredom is not an option at our sessions. 

What to expect

All we ask is that you come to a session in loose fitting clothing & trainers. Bring a water bottle & we'll provide the rest. With various payment options to suit everyone's pocket you really don't have anything to lose (apart from your love handles). 


Monday - Wednesday - Friday - 9:30-10.30am - Opposite the New St Johns Green School on Abbey Field, Circular Road East Lower, CO2 7SZ

Monday - Tuesday - Thursday 6.30-7.30pm - Saturday 9.00-10.00am Philip Morant School, Rembrant Way, Colchester, Essex CO3 4QS

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