Personal Training


You are every food you've ever eaten, every movement you've ever performed and every emotion you've every felt. You are unique. Colchester based trainer Shaun Tyler understands this and takes a very personal client focussed approach to one on one training.

Everyone starts with a consultation. Shaun will take an in-depth case history assessing your general health, previous or existing injuries as well as your stress levels - physical, emotional and chemical. You'll discuss your eating and drinking habits including foods you like and dislike. This information allows Shaun to build up a unique picture of you within your life with all of the pressures, deadlines and time constraints before designing a plan that works for you.

your goals

From here you'll set out your personal fitness and health goals. Shaun will guide you to make them measurable and attainable so that they fit into your lifestyle. He'll break the goals down & create an action plan so you know what you have to do on a daily basis. Shaun's training philosophy is based around functional training. He believes everyone should be able to handle their own bodyweight and move pain free. Expect to be performing squats, lunges, press ups & you may even progress to chin ups. This may sound daunting but remember you are with a very experienced trainer & every exercise can be modified - regressed or progressed - to suit your ability.

If you are looking for one to one personal training then feel free to drop me a line on 07900 363938, email or fill out the short form below!

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