All Weather BootCamp Survival Kit List

Winter is coming! The temperature has dropped, the dark nights are upon us and the training hats  and gloves are out. This is where motivation can wane and you might want to hide under a blanket on your sofa watching reruns of Breaking Bad. However if you're still up for a challenge and serious about creating a Summer body (as we all know they are created in the Winter - sorry couldn't resist getting that in :)) then BootCamp will carry on no matter what the conditions. I've put together a list of "stuff" that you might want to bring along to a session over these wet and colder months. It's all about creating the right environment for you to concentrate on your body and to get the most out of the session. 

1. Hat and gloves: You can get these from any sports shop. I find that if my fingers are warm then I'm happy. If they're freezing then I hate every minute of training outdoors. 

2. Training Mat: I would invest in a training mat so you don't get a wet bottom and back during the session. It's a little bit of dry land and insulates you from the cold floor. TK-Max in Colchester sell some good ones at a cheap price. 

3. Rain Jacket: A rain jacket will keep the bite of the wind off you and is handy for warming up in as part of your layering . Once again you can get them relatively cheap or you can spend a fortune. 

4. A Warm Hoodie: Obviously I'm going to recommend our bootcamp hoodies. They are perfect for an outdoor session. You not only need this before a workout but it's great to slip on after to stop you cooling down and getting cold.