The Boot Camp Rules

I believe we have the friendliest boot camp in Colchester. I see the way everyone interacts during the sessions, at events, nights out and in the private Facebook group. The friendships formed and the support everyone gives each other has created a platform for success. That’s what makes us different to all the other fitness sessions out there. While we all have our individual goals, strengths and weaknesses we all have a common bond. We work hard for our bodies and our health. We pick each other up and push each other on when we're not feeling quite 100%

Based on this I've come up with six rules to abide by. They're not rocket science and truth be told you're probably following most of them now (apart from when you do burpees!!)

1  Be consistent. Book your sessions & get them in your diary.  You’re making an appointment with yourself for yourself. It’s probably the only hour of the day where you can concentrate on yourself. If you’ve had a nightmare day just turn up and we will do the rest. If you’re consistent then the magic will happen. 

2  Be focused. Rock up and give it your best shot. You don’t have to be grunting like a Russian shot putter or squatting with disco legs. Just remember that you’ll have great days where you’ll rinse it and days where you’ll be breathing out of your ears. That’s just the combination of training and the different types of stress in your life. We understand that and we will help you get through it. Every session is a brick in the wall to a healthier body and mind.

3  Be sociable. Say hello to everyone and share in the jokes. Have fun. If there is a new member make them feel welcome, as you never know they might become a good friend. We are a family and support each other. Boot camp should be your ray of sunshine on those dark and wet winter nights. 

4  Be truthful. Make sure when you count your reps they’re full range of motion and you’re using the right weight. The most basic principle of fitness is “overload” which means you should try and do a little more than last time – when you’re in that black dress or in your Speedo’s your body will thank you for it (so will your partner). At the end of the day you are only competing against yourself and I hate to say it you get out what you put in. 

5  Be supportive. Use the member’s forum. Post your meals comment and share your thoughts. When you’re feeling low your fellow boot campers will lift your spirits and keep you on track. 

6  Be motivational. Give encouragement when it’s required. It’s reciprocal, one day when you’re pushing for a personal best you’ll need that pat on the back or toe up the bum to get you through those last few minutes.