Shaun Tyler Fit Tips #1 Change of Mindset

For the whole of January I'm going to publish a health tip that you can take away and apply straight into your life. My goal is to try and inspire and educate you to improve your health and well being through building sustainable healthy habits for 2017 and beyond. 

Tip#1: Change of Mindset

A new year brings with it a clean slate and fresh opportunities to change. We all set new years resolutions and most are related to our health especially improving fitness and weight loss.

I hear statements such as “I’m going to give up chocolate” or “I’m going to give up wine” (I can’t believe people say this to me with a straight face), “I’m going to cut back on carbs for the whole of January.” These are all based on deprivation and to be honest are quite negative. While you are going to have to cut down on some foods, drinks and certain bad habits ask yourself this.

How are you going to reach your goal if you’re employing the same strategy that failed last year?

If you really want to give yourself more of fighting chance this year then you’re going to need a change of mindset. Ditch the ideas of deprivation and starvation and focus you’re energy on the habits you can add to your lifestyle that promote health. If you’re serious about increasing your fitness or dropping a dress size or losing some weight then you’re going to have to add things into your life that you’re not doing now.

So, to embrace the new year and the positivity this brings I’d like you to quickly brainstorm what you could add to your lifestyle to get you closer to your goal.  To help you I’ve put together a list below.


·      Schedule time for exercise

·      Research easy breakfast ideas

·      Plan your weekly meals and shop

·      Increase your vegetable intake

·      Drink more water

·      Get a support network

·      Get a training partner

·      Decrease stress

·      Move more during your day

·      Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a professional

·      Identify the refined carbohydrates in your diet

·      Identify the people who sabotage your diet

·      Keep an exercise journal / log book