Shaun Tyler Fit Tip #3 Conquer the next 24hours

While the rest of social media is brimming with positivity and telling you to set long term goals, dream big and bite off more than you can chew. I'm going to get you to concentrate on the short term and absolutely nail the next 24hours in front of you.

While it's great to dream and set big goals the reality of your daily routine of work, shuttling kids to clubs and making three different dinners for three different mouths isn't going to go away. Too often as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor I hear  "I had breakfast that was great, got to work was in a good mindset then so-ing so asked me to go for lunch and it all went wrong" or "I planned to do my workout but husband had to stay late at work and I had to take the kids to swimming club." If you're a parent then you know exactly what I mean. You're at the bottom of the food chain and they come first. 

You're not a sports star or an A list movie star with a personal chef and trainer so you're not going to have meals prepped for you. Therefore what I'd like you to do is think about the nuts and bolts of how you're going to eat relatively clean and fit in some exercise over the next 24hours? Follow my points below to help you conquer your day. 

1. Prep Breakfast & Lunch the night before

By taking 10minutes to prep these two meals you're ensuring you deliver the right nutrients to your body. Let's be honest by the time you find that missing school book and sports kit you won't have time to do it in the morning. Keep it simple. I would soak some oats with frozen fruit in the fridge for brekkie & put a salad with some smoked mackerel or chicken for lunch.  

2. Look out for saboteurs

Who's that one person that's going to sabotage all of your efforts and drag you off your path? What situations are you going to have to avoid or modify your behaviour? This might be coffee breaks where you're expected to eat cake or a work dinner where you may have to avoid a few pints beforehand. The best way to get around this is to tell them your goals. Now, I find my female clients are brilliant at this and the men hate doing this. I think it's the fear of being ridiculed by their so called mates. If they are your mates they will support you and believe me if you stick to your guns and start seeing results they will have respect for you. 

3. Stay hydrated

Make your water bottle part of your uniform. By this I mean try and keep a water bottle no more than arms length away throughout the day. This is a healthy habit that will increase your energy massively. If you do this you won't get to 6pm and think I'm too tired to workout. Just do it trust me. 

4. Have a fitness (contingency) plan

There is nothing more frustrating than eating well all day, avoiding temptation and exercising saintly levels of will power to get to the gym and just walk around with your finger up your bum because you're not sure what to do. If you have a plan you know that every minute in the gym is accounted for and you're getting the biggest bang for your buck. You'll see results quicker too. If something comes up and you can't make the gym then get yourself some contingency workouts you can do at home. If you have a skipping rope try this one. If not substitute the skips for star jumps. 

  • 50 skips + 25 squats + 5sit ups
  • 50 skips + 20 squats + 10sit ups
  • 50 skips + 15 squats + 15 sit ups
  • 50 skips + 10 squats + 20 sit ups
  • 50 skips + 5 squats + 25 sit ups