You're Not Lazy

As a trainer I hear it all of the time. "I've not reached my goal, I've failed, I'm too lazy."

I look at this lady, we're in the gym or at bootcamp post workout so she's pretty far from lazy. Infact in my opinion she's lapping just about everyone sitting on the couch. She cares about her health and the way she looks and in my opinion she probably cares more about how people percieve her than she should. Sometimes I can see the pressure on her shoulders. I drill down a bit further. She's a wife, a mother of two, one of which is under three. Just for her to get to the session it takes a week of careful planning with the in laws to arrange an hour of child care. She also works "part-time" which is two and a half days in the office and then hours working infront of a laptop from the kitchen table doing emails and spreadsheets. She's not lazy.

Her life is routine. She wakes up 5.45am, youngest child at the end the bed demanding the iPad to watch Peppa Pig (for you childless ones living the dream, stop being so smug you'll get to know Peppa and her family intimately one day). She looks at Facebook and immediately feels guilty as she doesn't have the energy to to do a "quick and fun" 30minute HIIT session that ONLY takes up 2% of your day. It's interesting that the trainer is fit as a fiddle, 22years old, doesn't have a girlfriend and is still living with his mum. She's not lazy.

Next is breakfast. She's so busy trying to get those two pigs just to get a spoonful of Weetabix in their gobs and not under the table that she's forgotten to eat herself. School bags, PE kits, signing off reading books, cleaning teeth (don't get me started here) and it's the drop off to nursery and school. She's not lazy. 

You get the picture and we're not even at 9am yet. She gets to 10am, blood sugar lower than whale pooh and she wonders why she doesn't want that healthy chicken salad she lovingly prepped last with the mantra "I'll be good tomorrow - promise" and wants to devour a whole packet of Hobnobs washed down with a dirty fat Coke. 


(Sound familiar? Nadine, Hansy, Janine, Charlie, Gemsy, Elise, Karen, Caz, Carrie, both Nic's Andrea, Becks - not you Rachael you don't give a sh*t - ha ha only joking).

She's far from lazy. Taken for granted - yes! Lazy - NO!!!!

What is true is that she's her own last priority. The kids, husband / boyfriend, pet cat, work, parents, inlaws, all come before herself. Her perception of lazziness is based upon her priorities and she is at rock bottom. 

Learn to say "no" sometimes. I'm not saying go on strike (please don't Nadine), but stop being a people pleaser and think of yourself. Try and put yourself first for just one hour or ten minutes a day. Do something for you that makes you feel good and makes you happy. (Stay off the piss!! Charlie, Hansy, Becks, Rachael, Carrie, Wine is not your friend). 

We had a lecture about stress this weekend at uni. The lecturer gave the analogy of when you're on an aeroplane and they do the safety briefing. They always tell you to put YOUR oxygen mask on first. She suggested patients repeat this on waking every morning. Something made me think of the majority of ladies I train. I'm deinitely no life coach or guru but this sounds like good practice to me. 

You ladies are steering the ship. Prioritise yourselves. Eat well (80% of the time), smile alot, keep the toxic "mates" at arms length and do exercise. 

Put yourself first.